2013 Fee Schedule


Click here to download the 2014 Schedule of Fees.

Every document MUST be accompanied by a cover page generated on our website.

Recording Fees

BASE fee for recording Deeds and Mortgages
maximum of 4 pages
This fee includes DEEDS and MORTGAGES ONLY, and reflects the adoption of the County Affordable Housing Ordinance ($11.50) and $23.50 for Act 49.

BASE fee for recording most other documents
maximum of 4 pages.
This fee includes Agreements, Modifications, Assignments, Releases, Mortgage Satisfactions, Subordination Agreements/Postponements, Installment Sales Agreements, Leases for a term of 30 years or longer, Right-of-Ways, and Easements.

BASE fee for other miscellaneous documents
maximum of 4 pages
Powers of Attorney, Memos of Lease (-30 years) and Deputations

EACH additional page after 4 is $2.00.

Commissions and Deputations

Notary Public Commission and Bond

Notary Signature Registration (Prothonotary Fee)

Notary Change of Name

Notary Change of Address

Notaries: You can now register your signature in the Recorder of Deed's office instead of going to the Prothonotary. We can accept cash or check for $36.00, which includes the Prothonotary's Fee for signature registration.

Plans and Maps

Condominium Plans (Minimum 18"x24", Maximum 24"x36")
$30.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page (Note: first page is the cover page created in the recorder's office, then it's $2.00 for each page of plan.)

State Highway Plans
$15.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

Subdivision Plans (Minimum 18"x24", Maximum 24"x36")
$15.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page (Note: The first page is the sheet provided by planning, and then $2.00 for each page of the plan)

Mylar and paper plans are both accepted for recording.

Filing Fees

Copies of notice for each municipality (each page)

U.C.C. Secured Transactions

UCC-3 (Standard Form) each document

Veterans Sevice Discharge (DD-214)

Miscellaneous Fees


Copies (Each page)

Service Charge

Pursuant to the provisions of Act 87, 1982, Act 8, 1998, Act 18, 2001, Act 32, 2002, Act 122, 2002, and Act 49 of 2009.

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