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2023 Fee Bill

The temporary surcharge portion of the JCP/ATJ/CJEA/OAG is set to expire on August 1, 2023.  As a result, the JCP/ATJ/CJEA/OAG fee will change from $40.25 to $19.00 for all cases as of August 1st , 2023. 

The following documents are affected by the change:

*Deed * Mortgage * Satisfaction * Mortgage Release * Release-Other * Easement/Right of Way * Assignment of Mortgage * Installment Sales Agreement


Lancaster PA Recorder of Deeds Office

Welcome to the Recorder of Deeds Office of Lancaster County. We provide a convenient and centralized way for interested parties to access public documents recorded in our office. The office handles many documents, including deeds, mortgages, mortgage satisfactions, mortgage assignments, Powers of Attorney, leases, Uniform Commercial Code filings, real estate agreements, charters of non-profit corporations, notary commissions, elected official commissions, and veterans’ discharge documents. These documents are recorded for safekeeping and to establish an accurate official record of real property ownership.

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