Apostille and Notary Certification Information

Notary Certifications

If you need to have a Pennsylvania notary certified because a document is being sent overseas or another state, the Secretary of the Commonwealth will certify that notary’s signature for a fee of $15.00. Please see the PA Department of State’s website for more information.

Apostilles and Foreign Notarization

If a document is notarized in a foreign country by a foreign notary, an apostille may be required to be submitted along with the document. Please see this list of countries that are members of the Hague Convention and may require an apostille.

Also, please see this example of what an apostille may look like.

Foreign documents with a notarization from a US embassy are usually acceptable, as is notarization done by an appropriate military officer.


The PA Department of State can answer questions concerning both topics.  They can be reached at 717-787-5280 via e-mail at ra-certifications@pa.gov.