Electronic Recording

The Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds Office is pleased to offer the electronic recording of documents, also known as e-recording.  The office was one of the first in the country to e-record in 2002, and continues to do so, with over 80 percent of our documents recorded electronically.  E-recording is ideal for any title agency, bank, or law firm that regularly does business in Lancaster County.  The office is pleased to offer e-recording with the following three vendors.

E-Recording Vendors

  • Simplifile:  1-800-460-5657
  • CSC (Ingeo or Indecomm):  1-866-652-0111
  • EPN:  1-888-325-3365

E-recording saves document turn around time, postage, and courier fees.  Most services only require a scanner and internet connection to establish service. If you have questions, please contact the office at 717-299-8238.