Veterans ID and Discount Program

In November 2012, the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds launched the “Thank A Vet” Discount Program. We salute the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces, as well as those who wear the uniform and defend our country today. This program will provide a photo ID FREE OF CHARGE to Lancaster County veterans who have the DD-214 honorable discharge papers or other honorable discharge papers filed on record in our office. Please bring a current photo ID.

Please note that veterans who served in the Reserves are not eligible for the card unless they have served in the military for a consecutive 180 days.

Participating Merchants

The “Thank A Vet” Discount Program is a way for our community to express its gratitude and recognize the service and sacrifices made by our veterans. Participating merchants agree to honor the card by providing special discounts on purchases or services when presented with the “Thank A Vet” photo identification card. Participating merchants and sponsors will be identified by a poster or decal in the window and also listed here on our website. The site will be updated monthly, and upon request, printed copies will also be available.

Participating Merchants List Become a Participating Merchant

“Thank A Vet” Merchant Application

Please use this form to enroll your business in our “Thank A Vet” Discount Program. Be sure to include the official name of your business, business address, hours, and discount specifications. The form MUST be filled out by the business owner or authorized person on behalf of the said business.

“Thank A Vet” Merchant Application

Recording your DD-214

Discharged or retired military personnel should record their military separation papers or DD-214 in the Recorder of Deeds office. By recording your honorable discharge you will be able to obtain up to four certified copies and have the security of knowing that your document is a permanent record. Discharge papers are held in the strictest confidence and can only be accessed by the service member, his or her legal guardian, or individuals with signed and notarized authorization from the service member. Both the recording and certification of your DD-214 is FREE.